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"...Negombo, a town only a 20-min. taxi ride from Colombo airport, is more a place of transit for tourists than a destination. Strange then, to find there a hotel where time stands still. A private, mildly eccentric guesthouse, called The Icebear, offers seven private rooms, each with his own hammock and a terrace overlooking a verdant garden shaded by coconut palms - home to ducks, monkeys and an old dog in the twilight of its life. The Icebear is run by a Swiss entrepreneur - known only by his first name, Gerry - who lives on the property. Evenings, after dinner at the garden restaurant, he'll inquire after your well-being, sense the mood and pick appropriate music - from Edith Piaf to Rukmani Devi (Sri Lanka's Teresa Tang) or a little Indian classical music. Of course, that's only if there's electricity: power outages are a nightly experience in Sri Lanka, and for two hours darkness reigns. But that's part of the charm. There's nothing like candlelight, mosquito nets and - occasionally - palpitant ceiling fans to get you in the mood for, ahem, whatever takes you’re fancy. A merchant Ivory confection of tea and linen, The Icebear is a delightful colonial anachronism..."

Thank you Time Magazine and Stephen Short for this wonderful recommendation in No. 13, Vol. 159, published as "Short Cut"

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"...The Icebear property was ‘boutique’ before anybody had ever invented the world to describe travel destinations. Truly original and unique..."

Travel Lanka Colombo

"...A unique combination of cultures..."

« Paradis pour vacanciers", Reportage in French

"Visita ao suico G. H., Coverage in Portuguese

Daily Mirror / Financial Times Colombo



"...The team of The Icebear, a private beach guesthouse in Negombo, has been busy during a three day visit to the tsunami troubled South to distribute a very special tsunami donation, meant to heal the suffering souls of the youth there and to re-fill nearly forty new constructed schools with necessary "software" in the cultural field. 

Each of them received a complete set of six traditional Sri Lankan drums (Udarata and Phatharata bera), peaking to a donation totaling over four lakhs.

Private Secretary to Minister of Ports and Aviation Ananda Dharmasiri and others were helpful to provide details, necessary advice as well as the contacts to the principals of the schools, praising the assistance of the island's tourists as example of the goodness of mankind.

The drum donation coming from the happily survived Negombo coast was possible with the instant help of The Icebear Hotel guests, friends, clients and relations from all over the world.

Swiss owner Gerd Arthur Haisch and son David explained, that they were able to give a tidy order to master craftsmen to manufacture the twenty dozen drums as donation of the hotel guests.

These guests offered their help spontaneously after the tsunami, organizing their own collections, with school children donating their pocket money, companies offering their annual journey budget, elderly homes offering a part of their small pension, individuals spending the equivalent of their birthday party, they said.

Junior-manager of The Icebear Hotel, Cristi Saparamadu, mentioned that the Icebear Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd company's "Roshan Memorial Foundation" is mostly engaged in drug- and suicide prevention in the community.

Treasure is accumulated by a share of the company's yearly profit as well as with frequent donations given with affection to Sri Lanka from the hotel guests. Beside the drum donation The Icebear has been engaged in immediate tsunami relief to the Negombo and Kudapaduwa areas. Account report has been given to donors..."


N o t i c e :

The “Roshan Memorial Foundation” account is still active; for donations please come in personal contact with The Icebear Team by Email to haischselbst@yahoo.com